Broken Mirrors


Breaking Out is the Hard Part

The Runners are contacted by another runner looking for help with her latest job. Alexey Porter has sent Aria to talk to a friend who has a problem. It seems Nikola Stankic’s friend, Elric Horn, has been locked up in a mental institution for no apparent reason. Nikola insists he was perfectly fine and something fishy is going on. He wants the team to bust Elric out as soon as they can. The team accepted the terms and got to work.

After scouting out the buildings security the team makes their way inside. Siren and Zer0 make it inside the perimeter just fine but unfortunately Jing and Aria manage to set off the alarm as they vault the fence. Johnny already being in the security system was able to almost immediately turn it off. The guards however became suspicious and sent out a patrol.

They became even more suspicious when Aria melted a hole in the door.

The massive fire fight after that didn’t help matters either.



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