Broken Mirrors


You want him so bad you can have him!

The team escape from the now burning building just ahead of a Lone Star response unit. Hiding out in a nearby warehouse they consider what their next move should be. Johnny decides to hack into the two mercenaries commlinks to see if he can find any information about their employer. The commlinks turn out to have rather high end security and prove difficult for Johnny to hack. Luckily he manages to break through ones IC and finds a commcode for the mercenaries boss. Siren uses the now hacked commlink to contact this mysterious person, offering to give them Elric if they can pay what the runners where offered in the first place.

Unfortunately the negotiation was just a ploy to keep him online while a trace program tracked the team down. A rapid response transport chopper flew in carrying a rather large contingent of well armed soldiers.

The team fought them off using rather unusual tactics including a timely influence spell to convince the chopper pilot to ram his vehicle into the soldiers he had just dropped off. However rather than stick around and fight until the last man was down the team decided to cut their losses before backup units could arrive.

After driving off the team decided the Elric wasn’t worth the hassle and dumped him at the nearest hospital they could find.



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